Private Tutoring

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We offer intensive Chinese language private lessons, help discover each individual student’s potential talent, needs, and learning patterns; and custom design teaching methods to fit each individual student – save time and money.

Our custom design lessons will help students to set up positive learning attitude and life concept.  In these special lessons, students enjoy practicing the learning materials, more important, they will speed up the learning process; save time and money.  Because it is fun and quick to learn, they establish the confidence.  Base on this learning confidence, students acquire more knowledge than they are in regular classes thus set up a solid positive learning attitude which might have a strong influence on their different areas of presentation in the future.

In these lessons, students will:

  • build up the positive learning spirits.
  • set up positive life concept.

  • acquire study skills
  • establish positive social skills
  • have fun
  • learn both Chinese language, Chinese culture and more
  • learn to express self better
  • learn to understand self


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