Level 1 – Pronunciation & Words – Traditional & Simplified Characters – eBook


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eBook with Audio Files on a disk. In Chinese traditional and simplified characters with English translation, 165 pages.  This book is written for beginners 5 years old and up. Introduces Chinese Mandarin pronunciation – Hanyu Pinyin in detail.  When students finish with this book, they learn the complete Chinese Mandarin pronunciation – Hanyu Pinyin and tones, plus 427-vocabulary power.  The audio files guide students to learn native Chinese pronunciation and demonstrate important Chinese tones.  This book is designed with repetitions to help students to easily learn the pronunciation.  Every lesson repeats the pinyin from previous lessons and those learned pinyin put with the newly learned pinyin together to form new sounds.  The book explains in detail how the Hanyu Pinyin is formed, combines, and pronounced.   In addition to English translation, the book illustrated with diagrams and pictures to help learners to understand the Pinyin combinations, rules and the introduced vocabulary.  A chart of the Pinyin and words and the Hanyu Pinyin system are also included.   ISBN:978-1-63048-004-2